About us

Stacy Reanee Boutique is a very fashion forward  boutique, catering to the "Future is Female"  Mantra. We pride ourselves in excellent personal customer service by making you our main priority. We understand the struggles that women have; we work, we're Wives, Mothers, Friends, Business Partners, Sports moms, oh yeah we wear a lot of hats, so when it comes to having a night out on the town, we want to make sure you go  out in style and that is where we come in, so either grab your computer or phone to order online and be ready to receive your catering from the moment you either click on our website. We got you! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, we are here for you. Every piece is hand selected by US, especially for YOU, with the highest quality in mind, because every woman wears a "S" on her chest and you should be stylish while doing so.

Stacy Reanee Boutique is black owned and was birth in early 2000 by Myself, a single mom, who wanted to be available for school games, PTA meetings and anything involving my 3 children. Corporate America wasn’t family friendly and I wanted my children to remember me being available for them, and not  remember me by what I could monetarily give them. I think they deserved the best of both worlds and entrepreneurship did that for us.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this wonderful journey of entrepreneurship, and I hope to inspire other Mothers who are torn between bringing home the bacon and Motherhood...We can do both and be happy doing it😘 ​

Thanks for Shopping with us, 
Stacy Reanee Boutique